Love and Great Shoes



Audience Demographics

Females: 92%

Males: 8%

Age: 25-34 (48%)


YT Subscribers: 184000

Followers on Instagram: 139000

Average video views: 61500

Justyna and Kasia are a perfect duo. The girls have been running their own channel for over 10 years, where they move with ease in the topics of fashion, beauty, interior decoration or lifestyle.

The girls are true masters in creating lookbooks and makeup tutorials with a grain of salt. They direct their channel mainly to women like them, who are constantly looking for new solutions and are not afraid to experiment with their image. They attract people who love minimalist style and value femininity. Formats related to styling, interior design, wardrobe organization or care update - they are at the forefront in terms of coverage. Vlogs in which Kasia and Justyna show the course of their week are also very popular. At the end of 2020, the Girls created their collection of handbags.

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