Family Beauty Box



Audience Demographics

Females: 93%

Males: 7%

Age: 18-34 (53%)


YT Subscribers: 84900

Followers on Instagram: 29900

Average video views: 30000

Ania - FamilyBeautyBox, lives in the United States with her family and is a real gem in the world of lifestyle channels. Her passion for sharing everyday life and positive energy attracts huge popularity and engagement from viewers.

On the FamilyBeautyBox channel, Ania not only shares her family life, but also offers valuable tips on parenting, shopping, interior design and self-care. She is not only a mother of three, but also passionate about a healthy lifestyle and physical activities. In his films, he inspires viewers to take care of their own health and physical condition.

What distinguishes the FamilyBeautyBox channel is that it attracts viewers of all ages, including 65+, who will always find valuable and reliable product recommendations here. Ania creates a welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of age, inspiring conscious living, caring for self and family, and caring for our planet.

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