Aleksandra Żuraw



Audience Demographics

Females: 94%

Males: 6%

Age: 18-34 (91%)


YT Subscribers: 459000

Followers on Instagram: 344000

Average video views: 7610

Alexandra Crane's channel can be described as a compendium of knowledge for women. It covers a wide range of topics such as beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Ola presents the backstage of her life, where there is time for family, work and passions.

The most popular materials on the Oli channel are vlogs, videos with ideas for original styling on a small budget, DIY, and interior themes. Ola is a young woman, mom, businesswoman, whose path is not always easy, but she never gives up. Viewers got to know her while participating in “Top Model”, and she has been a constant focus of media attention ever since. Her unusual lookbooks take your breath away and make viewers simply look forward to the next Alexandra material. The commercial videos on this channel are polished, professional productions. Winner of the Grand Video Awards 2019 in the Branded Content category.

Ola translates its popularity into many charitable activities, often also in cooperation with brands that want to help those in need. The owner of a clothing brand, as well as a company that sells sunglasses.

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