Audience Demographics

Females: 98%

Males: 2%

Age: 25-34 years (46%)


YT Subscribers: 216000

Followers on Instagram: 168000

Facebook fans: 164000

Followers on TikTok: 14400

Average video views: 25000

Painted is a multi-award-winning makeup artist in Poland and the world. On her channels, she shares substantive knowledge and tips in the field of makeup and care.

The channel is aimed at makeup lovers, professional makeup artists, but also people who are just starting their adventure with makeup. The expert nature of the channel allows for the presentation of makeup tutorials, insightful product tests from different price ranges.

The painting also devotes a lot of space to the theme of conscious care, hair care, healthy nutrition. She is one of the first Polish beauty gurus to boast her own eyeshadow palette, created in cooperation with a Polish drugstore brand. It has an incredibly engaged audience.

Exemplary implementation:

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