Sara Wróbel



Audience Demographics

Females: 94%

Males: 6%

Age: 18-24 (44%)


YT Subscribers: 102000

Followers on Instagram: 135000

Average video views: 27850

Sara Wróbel- Polish YouTuber and Influencer living in Italy.

Sara is a cute, likeable young girl, sharing with her viewers mainly lifestyle topics. On her YT channel we will see, among other things, her daily life, numerous vlogs or makeup tutorials.

The girl lives in Italy every day, so her social media will not lack curiosities or numerous reports from this country.Sara can also be associated with the films Andziaks and Luki, of whom she is a cousin, but they treat each other like real siblings. The girl loves to travel, and she is happy to share reports and beautiful photos from her trips with fans on Instagram.

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