Mietczyński sportowo



Audience Demographics

Females: 38%

Males: 62%

Age: 18-24 (48%)


YT Subscribers: 48300

Followers on Instagram: 171000

Average video views: 75000

Mietczyński, or Bartłomiej Szczesniak, is a popular youtuber, satirist and vlogger, known for discussing school readings, reviewing films and culinary freestyle. Recently, engaged in his new YouTube channel- “Mietczynski Sporty”, where he realizes his passion around football.

Bartek is a real savior of many high school graduates, with his videos on YouTube, the whole of Poland was preparing for the maturity exam.However, as it turns out, literature and cooking are not Bartek's only passions, because recently we can also see him on the channel “Mietczyński Sporto”, where he focuses primarily on games such as: Fifa and Football Manager, because he is passionate a football fan. He freestyly comments on his actions in the game, which is loved by his viewers, and his videos enjoy high viewership and recognition among regular fans.

Fans of the classic Mietczyński style will certainly not be disappointed with the new type of content, because his new sports channel is also maintained in a similar narrative with a large dose of entertainment and Mietczyn humor.

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