Magda Wołosewicz



Audience Demographics

Females: 98.4%

Males: 1.7%

Age: 25-44 years (66%)


YT Subscribers: 27,100

Instagram Followers: 42,400

Average video views: 48,638

Magda Wołosewicz - expert in beauty, care and makeup.

Magda's skills and ingenuity are appreciated not only by experts, but also by viewers and women all over Poland who dream of Magda making them wedding or occasional makeup. Viewers appreciate it both for the professionalism of the content and for its funny, cheerful and “colorful” character. Magda loves to test and review drugstore cosmetics. She is a fan of Polish brands. She talks about them a lot, very colorfully and artistically, and in her makeup she can conjure up miracles with them. Magda and her audience belong to the older target group, which is why in her content she pays attention to care and make-up issues related to mature skin. She has a great knowledge of makeup and care, which she can convey in an engaging and fun way.

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