Gimby nie znajo



Audience Demographics

Females: 21.1%

Males: 78.9%

Age: 25-34 (50.2%)


Subscribers on YT: 187000

Followers on Instagram: 3534

Average video views: 63000

GIMBY NIE ZNAJO is a Polish social media profile created by Patryk Turski.

Patrick, also known as Turpat, is the creator of a virtual place whose mission is to 'return to the past'. In this place, each of us has the opportunity to return with memories to childhood and again watch, experience, remember the most iconic games, movies, programs, songs and many other things that in the old years made us delighted and created our childhood.

We can admire these amazing gems not only on Instagram or Facebook, but also on YouTube and TikTok, where Patryk also records various curiosities and allows him to feel like a child again for a moment.

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