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About LifeTube

We are the largest Polish multi-channel YouTube network - associating over 329 channels which can boast over 43 million regular viewers and a total range of over 370 million views per month. On the one hand, we operate as an external advertising agency for YouTubers and provide management services to top YouTube stars. On the other hand, we create YouTube channels for brands, which allows them to build their own audience and reach their target groups. We carry out comprehensive video campaigns - including creators’ actions on their channels or channels of brands, video production, pre-roll campaigns and optimization.

We operate as a multi-channel YouTube network, the so-called MCN, ensuring managerial support, co-operating with brands on their channels, providing image advice, and as a certified partner of YouTube helping with technical issues. We boast the partner sales status owing to which we can implement campaigns in the reservation-based model.

We carry out campaigns on YouTube from A to Z - together with clients we define tangible targets of campaigns as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) as the method of their measurement; we create communication strategies appropriate for given target groups; we are wholly responsible for the creation and production of videos. Our company establishes and manages channels of brands (long-term), or produces commercials and viral movies (ad hoc).We enable co-operation with the most famous YouTubers - within their channels or on brand's own channels. We know how to redirect traffic between YouTube channels as well as to external websites. We are experts in the field of Internet videos - we have already realized more than 150 campaigns.

We get to 40 million subscribers, 70% of whom are at the age ranging between 18-35. YouTube videos are viewed on mobile devices, computers and TV screens. Thanks to collaboration with the MUSE company we rely on in-depth analyses, also in real time. We know not only the number of subscriptions, views and "thumbs up", but also the average time of viewing, audience demographic statistics, click-through rates of ads and links (annotations) placed in a film. On the basis of these data we also plan pre-roll campaigns, which can significantly increase the ranges of campaigns with the creators. We do this in the auction and reservation - based models.

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"No matter what you do,
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Why LifeTube?

  • Range
    70% of the 33 million regular viewers of the LifeTube network channels are aged between 18 and 35; the videos generate 230,000,000 views per month
  • Engagement
    Videos on YouTube are engaging, they keep viewers' attention and do not compete in this regard with other content, they are viewed for far longer than TV commercials and the viewers can comment on them and rate them all the time as well as share the videos with their friends
  • Measurability
    Owing to co-operation with YouTube and the MUSE company, we are able to use in-depth analytics; we have access to all the views statistics and demographic data concerning viewers, also in real time; we work on the basis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and regularly prepare reports on results
  • Possibility to build own channels
    We create brands' own channels and build their audiences, redirect traffic from channels of popular creators or produce videos with their participation
  • Comprehensive service from LifeTube
    We carry out campaigns on YouTube from A to Z, closely co-operate with creators knowing their environment and we are responsible for selecting tools, strategy, creation and production, as well as for monitoring the results
  • Package campaigns
    In addition to the involvement of creators, we can offer our clients a range increase due to pre-roll campaigns. As one of the few companies in Europe, we can plan campaigns in the auction and reservation-based models
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“Finding new ways, more clever ways to interrupt people doesn't work”

Seth Godin

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How we support

  • We manage the collaboration of creators with brands, obtain strategic sponsors and partners, equipment and products for testing and reviews
  • We optimize channels and help with technical issues - we are a YouTube certified partner owing to which we know how to position videos better, facilitate their search, improve descriptions and tags and increase revenue from AdSense ads.
  • We manage and advise on image issues (ensuring good media relations)
  • We advise YouTubers in the area of finance and taxes as well as legal matters (in terms of copyright and copyright protection)

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"Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them."

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